The Black Sun is a Nazi emblem consisting of three swastikas arrayed within a circle to form a sun design. The black sun symbol is found in the ornamental floor design of Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, Himmler's "World center" for the Nazi party, the headquarters of the SS.

The design was drawn for Heinrich Himmler from an old Aryan emblem, and was meant to mimic the Round table of Arthurian legend- each spoke of the sun wheel represented one "knight" or Officer of the "inner" SS.

The "Black Sun" of and its attendant mythology has fueled a number of bizarre conspiracy theories involving UFOs, secret societies, the Hollow Earth, and worse, none of which have any real basis in fact. The Wewelsburg sun should not be confused with the alchemical black sun (any more than it already has been), a symbol of hidden spiritual potential.

The Black Order was not just a military organisation, but a sect, a fraternity of warrior priests. Though it never claimed the heritage of the Knights Templar, the parallels between the two orders are uncannily similar. Both snowballed into vast international forces.

Both maintained a certain independence with economic systems that allowed them to accquire and keep vast wealth. Both were composed of highly disciplined and elite warriors who were fanatically dedicated to their creeds.

Both were exempt from the laws that governed most of their contemporaries, answerable only to the head of their orders (Himmler or The Grand Master) and the representative of their sacred creed on earth (Hitler or the Pope). Both planned to institute separate and independent states, and both were ostensibly, Christian..

One of the titles bestowed upon Karl Weisthor (born Karl M. Wiligut in Vienna, 1866) was that of "The Black Jesuit" because he loosely based the structure of the SS upon the fanatically-secretive Catholic Society of Jesuits.

The Black Order may have actually been a clever disguise for The Black Sun Order (an elite ultra-secret order within the ranks of The Thule Society). Traditionally, the acronym of "SS" referred to "Schutzstaffel" (Guard Detachment). But there is some evidence that points to the fact that it may have actually stood for "Schwarze Sonne" (Black Sun). While every member of the SS may not have been a member of this elite order it does point to the fact that the Nazis were magically attempting to invoke the hidden power of The Black Sun itself (this Black Sun being the invisible sun in the center of the earth) whenever the SS runes were displayed.

The S.S. (Schutzstaffel) was originally formed as a personal bodyguard to Hitler, and numbered around 300 when Heinrich Himmler joined. But when he rose to its leadership in 1929, things changed a bit. Four years later, membership had soared to 52,000. He established headquarters at a medieval castle called Wewelsburg where his secret inner order met once a year.

Heinrich Himmler was the Grand Master of a coven of 12 SS men. He was the 13th member. He conducted numerous black magick rituals at Wewelsburg Castle. These rituals were conducted in the utmost secrecy. They included necromancy (communication with the dead). Wewelsburg had many powerful Satanic symbols. In 1945, under orders from Himmler, Wewelsburg was blown up to keep it from the invading armies.

Heinz Macher was born on 31 December 1919 in Chemnitz. Oakleaves and Close Combat Clasp in Gold, final rank SS-Sturmbannführer and Chief of the 16th SS-Kompanie of the SS Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 3 D of the 2nd SS-Panzerdivision "Das Reich".

Macher led a group of 15 SS specialists who were ordered by Himmler to blow up the SS castle Wewelsburg near Paderborn in order to ensure that the devotional objects and important files should not fall into the hands of the Allies. The demolition command arrived on 31 March 1945. The same day, after Macher had informed the local fire-brigade, the south-east tower, the least important tower of the large castle, was blown up. Because of lack of explosives they could not blow up the rest of the complex. Macher ordered the firemen not to extinguish the fire so that most of the complex was nevertheless destroyed.

Macher was also charged with the task of burying the castle's treasures, including over 9,000 Death's Head rings held in a shrine to commerorate SS men killed in action. These treasures have never been found.

Macher joined Himmler during his last days. He was captured together with him and Werner Grothmann on 21 or 22 May 1945. Macher died on 21 December 2001 in Schenefeld near Hamburg.

Some of the castle survived and much has been restored. The symbol of the Black Sun is seen in many places and one room is designed much like Stonehenge. True Paganism which is synonymous with Satanism is known for its emphasis on the Sun (666).

According to Walther Schellenberg’s memoirs:

Each member had his own armchair with an engraved silver nameplate, and each had to devote himself to a ritual of spiritual exercises aimed mainly at mental concentration....

Himmler and his inner circle of Twelve Gruppenführers would engage in mystic communication with the dead Teutons and perform other spiritual exercises. Secrecy was the key element in the SS and most especially at Wewelsburg.

I happened to come into the room by accident and to see these twelve SS leaders sitting in a circle, all sunk in deep and silent contemplation, was indeed a remarkable sight. 1

Himmler worked diligently to destroy Christianity within the Reich. He fully understood the nefarious program of Christianity and how it was a most powerful tool created by the Jews for the enslavement humanity and the destruction of Aryan peoples. Jews have a long history of working to destroy their enemies from the inside. This is done mostly by their infiltration or the infiltration of gentiles in their employ. Book after book has been written about the Nazis being Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. The many rune symbols, most notably the SS and swastika speak for themselves. Hitler played the Vatican.

Himmler on Christian marriage, 3rd May, 1943: 



Marriage as it is today is the evil work of the Catholic Church. Regarded dispassionately and without prejudice, our present marriage laws are absolutely immoral. The marriage laws of today, presumably designed to protect the family, in fact led to a decrease in the size of families. After the war…monogamy will cease to be enforced upon promiscuous mankind. The SS and the heroes of this war will have special privileges. They will immediately have the right to take a second wife, who shall be considered to be as legitimate as the first. The permission to have two wives will be a mark of distinction.


SS Officer Otto Rahn SS-Obersturmführer wrote a book, titled "Luzifer's Hofgesind" [Lucifer's Court Servants]. He spoke before a large audience on January 9th, 1938 at the Dietrich-Eckart Haus in Dortmund, Germany. "Rahn set a new limit to the spirit tied to the Romans, to the belief in a life after death, and the fear of hell;" he rejected Yahweh and the Jewish teachings, and professed "Luzifer's Hofgesind" in whose name Kurt Eggers closed the evening with the following greeting: "Lucifer, who has been done wrong to, greets you." 2 


Here is an excerpt from Luzifer's Hofgesind:

There is much more [light] than in the houses of God—cathedrals and churches—where Lucifer neither is able nor wishes to enter due to all the somber, stained glass windows wherein are painted the Jewish prophets, apostles, and saints. The Forest, that, that was free!


Lucifer’s Servants is at least partly a genuine Nazi propaganda tract and several passages make a good case for the worship of Lucifer. Indeed, this idea of Lucifer as a benign or divine being was familiar and congenial to the “white light” Theosophists of the 1920’s who, after all entitled one of their official German publications Lucifer.

"For Rahn, the Grail was an emblem set up in opposition to the established Church—indeed, was a Luciferian symbol—and for this the Nazis were grateful." "…the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness. Light in this case was represented by—not Jesus or Jehova— but by another spirit, the “Light-Bearer.” To Rahn, this Entity represented the highest good. To Rahn, the Nazi Reich in general—and the SS in particular—became servitors of an ancient pagan cult whose God was known to the medieval Christians not as Jesus but as Lucifer." "…and having established that they celebrated—as the numerous examples have proved—the marvels of the Crown of Lucifer, it is permitted to believe that they had faith in the existence of a Luciferian crown of eternal life. And if we follow this thought to its logical conclusion, we will say that, for them, the God of Love was none other than Lucifer in person. The God Amor is the God of Spring, as is Apollon. Apollon brought back the light of the Sun: he is a light-bearer, or “Lucifer.” According to the Apocalypse of John, Apollyo-Apollon was equated with the Devil, and according to the belief of the Roman Church…Lucifer is Satan." 3


SS men were strongly discouraged from participating inChristian religious ceremonies of any kind and were actively encouraged to formally break with the Church. Pagan religious ceremonies took the place of Christian ones. Winter Solstice ceremonies replaced Xmas. 4 Starting 1939 the word “Christmas” was forbidden to appear on any official SS document" and the Summer Solstice was formally celebrated. These ceremonies were celebrated the old way with sacred fires, and torch lit processions.


Weddings and baptisms were replaced by pagan SS rituals and gradually the entire Christian liturgical rubric was in the process of being replaced by a completely pagan version. Even the Hitler Youth were not immune. A so-called “Nazi Primer” published during the war contains many examples of pagan ideology and anti-Christian sentiment designed for its youthful readership. 5


An SS officer took the place of a Christian priest/minister in presiding over weddings, baptisms and funerals. A manual titled "The SS Family Procedure for Conducting Family Celebrations" was issued to every SS man and woman. Therein contained Pagan celebrations for all eight of the important Pagan holidays of the year.


Himmler’s dream was to create, out of the SS, a new religion based on the pagan elements of what he perceived to be the original, Ur-Aryan religion of Ancient India and Europe. However, many Germans were devout Christians. Hitler himself realized this, and knew that he had to play politics with them for as long as the churches held power and as long as the people felt they owed spiritual allegiance to the churches and what they represented. In this he was cynical in his dealings with the Church as he was pragmatic with the Capitalists. 6


Unbeknownst to many, daily meditation was the requirement of the SS.

Himmler set up a school of occultism in the Berlin Branch and many of the leading ranks of the Totenkopf SS, the Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo were ordered to attend courses in meditation, transcendentalism and magic. It was in this establishment that Himmler was persuaded to found the Ahnenerbe, the Nazi Occult Bureau. The Ahnenerbe incorporated the membership of Crowley's spurious Templar Order, the Vril, and the Thule Gesellschaft into the Black Order of the SS. 7


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The Occult Corps (Geheimnisvolle Korps) - Hitler´s very own Majestic-12

In the late 19th and early 20th Century, there had been many flourishing esoteric orders in Germany and Austria that sought to establish a reborn Germanic identity and to reconnect the people with their repressed archetypes. One of the most significant of these Orders was founded in Germany in 1912 - the German Order, and from this sprang the Thule Society (Thulegesellschaft). The Thule Society took its name from the fabled land of Ultima Thule, which the Ukrainian witch Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky learned of after having been contacted by the Great Race that had survived its destruction.

These ancient, highly intelligent beings worked in concert with certain human adepts - individuals with highly developed occult powers. The truly initiated could, by means of magic-mystical rituals, establish contact with these beings and learn secret arts unknown to the rest of humanity. The Nazies believed that with the help of this Great Race they could create a race of Aryan supermen with supernatural strength and energy.

These Ancient Masters told Blavatsky that she had been selected to play a part in the revival and public promotion of their secret occult tradition, which had lain hidden for centuries in secret monasteries and libraries in the remotest reaches of the Himalayas. Accordingly, Blavatsky spent a number of years in Tibet, learning the ways of the occult and the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the secret doctrine. Among the magical runes and symbols was the swastika, which became a common good luck charm in Germany and the symbol of the Thule Society. But the traditional 'right-handed' swastika was to be reversed, forming an evocation of evil, spiritual devolution and black magic.

Both the Thule Society and the German Order became interchangeable in ideas and even membership.

In 1917 one woman and three men met in a cafe in Vienna under a veil of mystery and secrecy. The woman, called Anna Sprengel, was a spiritual medium and she too had made contact with the Great Race. The four Austrians formed the Vril Society, and their emblem was the 'Black Sun' symbol which could be found in many Babylonian and Assyrian places of worship. They depicted the Black Sun's inner light in the form of a cross almost identical to the German Iron Cross.

With the victory of the NSDAP, the SS (Schutzstaffel) carried on the occult tradition in the Third Reich. Its Reichsführer, Heinrich Himmler, was a member of the Vril Society and shared Hitler's obsession with the occult. He believed that the persecution of witches in the 17th century represented a kind of Holocaust of the German race carried out by the Roman Catholic Church. "The witch-hunting cost the German people hundreds of thousands of mothers and women, cruelly tortured and executed," Himmler said.

Reinhard Heydrich

The Necronomicon and von Juntzt´s Unaussprechlichen Kulten are FICTIONAL books invented by the American authors
H.P. Lovecraft

Robert E. Howard

In 1935, Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Security and Intelligence Service (Sicherheitdienst - SD) reported to Himmler that he had discovered the case of a witch called Margareth Himbler, burnt in Germany in 1629. The similarity of names encouraged Himmler's interest in German witchcraft, and in 1935 he set up Special Unit H (Sonderkommando H) in Archive Department 7 of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptarmt - RSHA), the umbrella organization of the SS, Gestapo and criminal police. The "H" stood for the German word Hexen (witches).

Himmler deployed Special Unit H to discover any traces of old Germanic magic that survived the witch-hunts, while Archive Department 7 administered book stocks, archived the confiscated materials, and then assessed their value. Special Unit H would eventually loot more than 140,000 books on the subject of the occult from libraries across Nazi-occupied Europe, and among the manuscripts they found was a copy of von Juntzt´s Unaussprechlichen Kulten and a version of the Necronomicon written in ancient Gothic. These cursed books told of a race much older than mankind: the nightmarish Ancient Ones.

The top-secret Occult Corps (Geheimnisvolle Korps) was soon established as the Paranormal Division of SS-Hauptsturmführer Wolfram Sievers' Ancestral Inheritence Office (Ahnenerbe), which was responsible for investigating all aspects of ancient German tradition. The Occult Corps incorporated into one organization the Thule Society, the Vril Society and the German branch of Crowley's OTO. Despite her Slavic blood, Madame Helena Blavatsky's granddaughter Marianna Blavatsky was then recruited as its High Priestess. (Allegedly the Ahnernerbe traced the Blavatsky roots back to the Rhos - Scandanavian Vikings that had come into contact with the Slavs in 860 A.D.)

From Archive Department 7's stolen texts Marianna learned that violence begot a form of orgone energy which, if properly seized, could be forged into magical effects. Thousands died to help Marianna and her Meta-Psychic Operatives in the Bio-Energy/Psi-Enhancement Division better understand and control the new "blood magic" they had discovered.

Now under the direction of the SS Paranormal Division, Special Unit H continued to comb German-occupied territories in search of more arcane knowledge and magical artifacts. Archaeological expeditions were sent to the bottom of the Baltic Sea hoping to find some lost artifacts or magical items of Ultima Thule. The Spear of Destiny, the weapon that was used to pierce the side of the Messiah while he was nailed to the cross, was found in Versailles in 1940. Early attempts to recover the Lost Ark of the Covenant in 1936 and the Holy Grail in 1938, however, were less successful.

Likewise, during this same time Japan's own paranormal division, the Kuromaku (The Black Curtain), was attempting to recover ancient magical items in Asia, including Genghis Khan's sword, the magical Books of Shan, and a stone tablet left behind by Buddha.

The original base of operations for the Occult Corps was Castle Wewelsburg in Westphalia, which Himmler bought as a ruin and rebuilt over the next 11 years at a cost of 13 million marks. The central banqueting hall contained a vast round table with throne-like seats to accommodate Himmler and 12 of his favorite officers, making his modern-day "Order of the Black Knights" a dark covenant of 13. The Black Guard, the toughest, smartest and most dangerous officers from the SS, occupied the upper echelon of Himmler's personal guard. Beneath Castle Wewelsburg was the "Hall of the Dead" where plinths stood around a stone table and the covenant could practice their witchcraft in secret.

a crashed spacecraft was discovered in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in 1936, the Occult Corps built the Institute for Science and Mysticism (Das Institut für Wissenschaft und Mystizismus), also known as "Walhalla", to examine the wreck and its dead crew. Walhalla soon became the headquarters for the Occult Corps' operations, while Castle Wewelsburg functioned more as more of a private retreat for Himmler and his fellow conspirators.

Over the following years, alien technology was taken and combined with the information the Vril Society had received through channeling and was made into a further project called the
Haunebu I: the first large flying saucer (Flügelrad) developed in Germany - approximately seventy-five feet in diameter. With the aid of his assistant Dr. Schabbs, Dr. Strasse's twisted experiments with orgonomy produced many mutant X-Creatures (X-Geschöpfe).

During this same time, Himmler became convinced that he was the reincarnation of Henry the Fowler, and that he could raise Heinrich I from the dead. In doing so, the Third Reich would then possess the power to command an army of the undead against the Allies. With Hitler's encouragement, Himmler began methodically researching how to approach the dark ritual, throwing scores of scientists, great caches of wealth, and the full power of the Nazi war machine behind the efforts of "Operation Resurrection" while Dr. Hermann Schreck's Project Totengräber had considerable success in the X-Labs with the living dead (Die Untoten)...

A ritual the inner adepts of the Occult Corps (Karotechia) perfected in the winter of 1944.

There is a story that Hitler actually had zombie soldiers made. It also states that the zombies were let loose in a small town somewhere in Russia to test them out. The inhabitants saw this and went inside and locked their doors and windows. The zombies, not really too bright just stood there. They were not aggressive nor were they looking to eat.


It says eventually, the SS just ended up destroying them all because they served no use at all.


The Germans have a phrase Kadavergehorsam, that denotes blind obedience, or "obedient corpse", but there is no evidence of experiments to reanimate corpses for military (or other purposes). The nearest anecdotal account is that of a ceremony that was rumoured to take place at Schloß Wewelsburg  where the preserved heads of SS Officers killed on the Eastern Front were returned and communication (via necromancy) was attempted in order to gain information.


There are claims by Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino that they adapted this ceremony into their ritual "The Rite of the Stifling Air", but there is no proof any written evidence from Wewelsburg actually exists.

The idea of reanimating dead soldiers to fight as shock troops isn't all that insane (at least to the military), and it was pursued by military scientists on all sides.

However, there is no documented proof (or even good evidence), that any of them actually succeeded. There is some evidence that it was one of Hitler's suggested projects, but there is nothing to point to it ever being implemented, or its subsequent success rate.

The project in question is known as "The Litchfield Experiment". Be forewarned though, that any search on this is likely to turn up an “X-Files” episodes (Chris Carter used the name as an homage to the alleged Nazi project in an episode).

The idea of zombies was introduced to mainstream western culture in 1929 when W. B. Seabrook wrote The Magic Island, detailing his observations of life in Haiti, including the practice of voodoo. Zombies are part of the voodoo religion, although only of a small subsect, referred to as the "cult of the dead." The practitioners of mainstream voodoo typically wanted nothing to do with these necromancers, according to Seabrook. Nevertheless, in the decades to come, in western culture the ideas of voodoo and zombies became inextricably intertwined.

The release of this book inspired a movie in the burgeoning film industry.....
The 1940s brought some new things to zombie films. Unlike other undead, zombies required a human agent to bring them back, an agent who, of course, was evil. Given that most of the western world agreed that the Nazis were pretty bad people, the production of several Nazi zombie movies was inevitable. Borrowing voodoo for their own heinous ends, the Nazis used zombies to build armies, gather intelligence, and plan invasions of the USA. John Carradine played a Nazi scientist building a zombie army in a Louisiana swamp in Revenge of the Zombies (1943).


The roots of the Karotechia are deep and varied. When the unit was officially created within the Ahnenerbe in 1939, it drew its members from within the Ahnenerbe, the disbanded Thulegesellschaft, and a little known section of Archive Department VII of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA, Reich Security Central Office) called Sonderkommando-H. Created in 1935 under direct orders from Heinrich Himmler, Sonderkommando-H (for Hexen, German for witches) collected records of the Catholic Inquisition against witchcraft from libraries in Germany and Austria. These records were collated into the Hexenkartothek, a catalog of over 33,000 index cards, each providing the details of a victim of the witch trials. While most of the Hexenkartothek concentrated on witch trials in Germany, Sonderkommando-H researched cases from as far away as India and Mexico.


The research of Sonderkommando-H was meant to provide propaganda that would justify an SS crackdown on the Catholic Church, as well as discover the ancient Germanic religion that Himmler believed had been eradicated by the Inquisition. The SS officers that collected the Hexenkartothek came to informally refer to themselves as the "Kartothekia," and what they discovered were arcane formulae and necromantic rituals. Enough was learned by Sonderkommando-H to create what some one hundred and fifty known witches, warlocks, and alchemists termed "the resuscitating of ye vital saylts." This formulae was first successfully put to effect by SS-Hauptscharführer Dieter Scheel when his team resurrected 17th century sorceror Jurgen Tess. It was this incident that created a new department within the Ahnenerbe to exploit the occult in service to the Reich: the Karotechia.


Occult research had been conducted by various arms of the SS for quite some time before the creation of the Karotechia. In the Ahnenerbe, the Abteilung zur Überprüfung der Sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (literally, Department for the Examination of So-Called Secret Sciences) had analyzed the occult since 1933. Also since 1933, Karl Maria Wiligut and his Department for Pre- and Early History had been Himmler's premier occultist, a position that was undermined soon after the creation of the Karotechia. Suitable members of these organizations were drawn to the Karotechia, as were former members of the Thulegesellschaft and scholars from Nazi-allied regimes and occupied countries. Kabbalists and Gypsy practitioners were even forcibly recruited out of concentration camps, as well as those occultists rounded up through Aktion Hess.


Moreso than any other group researching the paranormal for their government during the Second World War, the Karotechia sought to exploit the occult to its fullest. With the full backing of the SS and the Nazi state, they raided the libraries and museums of Europe in an insatiable search for arcane power. No avenue of study was left unexplored, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to the more established academics of the Ahnenerbe. The Karotechia was shielded from inquiry within and without by direct patronage of Himmler, who passed certain information on to Hitler (the Führer remained basically unaware of the Karotechia). Members of the Karotechia were known by their initials in SS documents, and by their rune-names in internal correspondence, the names given upon induction into the unit. They were identified by the Sonnenrad runes worn on the lapels of their black Allgemeine-SS uniforms. This insignia and the men that wore it were equally feared and respected throughout the SS.


The Karotechia never had a central headquarters, as each project maintained its own base of operations, reporting directly to Himmler. When the Karotechia was required to perform some ancient Germanic ritual for Himmler (virtually always ineffectual), they were called to the SS-order castle at Wewelsburg. However, the isolation and provincial boredom of the place meant that the Karotechia officers preferred to conduct their operations elsewhere. This also allowed them to operate with great independence.


Never as successful as their reputation belied, the Karotechia did score a number impressive victories during the war. In particular was the discovery of a Gothic version of the Necronomicon in the spring of 1944, which opened up several new projects to exploit its potential. Most of these projects ended in failure, causing great destruction, such as the incident at Castle Naudabaum in early 1945, where seven Karotechia officers and seventy-three support personnel were killed and the castle destroyed during an abortive attempt to summon an extraterrestrial being called Azathoth.


This disaster lead to the final Karotechia operation of the war: Aktion Götterdammerung, the attempt by the Karotechia to reenact the Naudabaum disaster without aborting the sequence to summon Azathoth. Aktion Götterdammerung was foiled by the American Delta Green organization. In the end, of the one hundred and sixty-four members of the Karotechia, fifty-four were assassinated by the Allies, six died of natural causes, three died during Allied bombing, four were executed for disloyalty, fifteen were killed while conducting experiments, nine committed suicide, eleven were institutionalized, twenty-four vanished while on operations, and thirty-seven escaped the destruction of Nazi Germany through the ODESSA network.